Monday, October 17, 2011

Prioritize Unicycling

This particular Sastergoodment drawing was sparked by my friend Rob from New Escapologist. With simply resolve, he used the phrase, "Prioritize unicycling," and moved on.

However, as the days passed, I could not get this phrase out of my head and knew I would have to make a drawing to correspond. This is an update to the present. If you would like to peek into the future, though, please read on.

This simple phrase by Rob has given me an idea for a new feature on this blog: an interactive feature. Simply put, I am going to open up my e-mail to accept odd phrases from anyone living on Earth. If I receive a phrase I am fond enough of, I will illustrate it and post it to Sastergoodment. If there is enough interest, I hope to be able to post at least one of these submissions every week.

Now wait, before you start flooding my inbox with suggestions, I have to lay down a few rules:

1. Please no famous quotes or even not so famous quotes.
2. I value originality and the absurd. A good approach to this is to ask yourself, "What would a semi-insane imaginary self-proclaimed mystic say?"
3. While some may prize vulgarity, I find it hard to draw while blushing. So you might as well keep those phrases to yourself.
4. Please limit your submissions to 11 per week. Any submissions over 11 will be burned and forgotten.

If I end up selecting your phrase to illustrate, I will send you an e-mail congratulating you on your coveted achievement. I will also name you in the post and add a link to your website.

There it is: something for you to do on a boring night.

And here it is – my e-mail address:

I am off to the studio to wrestle with some ink.

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